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Just starting out as a voice actor? Learn the skills needed for the art and craft of voice acting.  A tip-of-the-iceberg view is all you need in only 10 weeks, 1-on-1 with an experienced voice actor, certified trainer, and coach!

The goal is to get you sounding professional over time through practice, understanding how the business works, and using the right tools to run your own successful voice acting business.

Individually, online, Shelley helps you identify your goals and the best ways to reach them.

You will also develop your vocal range to make you ‘directable’, learn how to analyze scripts with a new script genre each week like animation,  commercials, e-learning, telephony, documentary, medical and technical narrations and much more!

We meditate to help you deep breathe to get to the 'soul of the words' for various genres.​ By the end of the two-hour, 10-week sessions you will have a customized marketing plan so you know how to get started and keep going. A logical approach helps you define your goals, objectives, and timelines for success!​ Sounds fun, right? It is!​


Check out what other students have said.

Private Voice Crafting - Training / Coaching
Your Voice...Perfected!

Curious to see if the Voiceover business is right for you?

Get your free e-book with what your answers mean, and a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your future as a voice actor.

Level up your voice acting game with this vocal development only package:

You are relatively new to voice acting, or maybe you have already trained with Shelley and want to continue developing your voice acting skills.

Four 1-hour sessions are just $349, taken at any time within eight weeks.

It's simply vocal exercises, warm-ups and script practice - at your pace.
Bring your own scripts, or Shelley will provide them.
Perfect your reads in any genre! 

"Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Shelley is very flexible when it comes to her education methods. She started off the course by being very delicate and considerate about my feelings when giving criticism. When I informed her that I would be more responsive to harsh, even brutally honest criticism, she was able to make the switch and carried on with this style of communication for the remainder of the course.


This showed me that she is not just a professional voice actor imparting knowledge on people who pay for her time, but rather an educator who genuinely cares about her students’ development.


She accommodated my requests to change the timing of certain sessions and even has backup plans to make up for instances when her students can’t find the time to complete the script reading for that week. She was honest in her course’s framework by not making any promises she couldn’t keep. Before starting the course, she informed me that by the end of the course, I should have a general understanding of the fundamentals of the VA industry which would serve as the foundation for my development as a voice actor.


On that promise, she most certainly delivered. I could not be happier about the result of this course!"

Joseph S. - Private student - January 2022 

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