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 Shelley Cohen - Presentation Coach

Shelley Cohen Presenting

Presentation Prowess

Captivating an audience is both an art and a science. Learn how to use your voice to sound strong, empowered and relaxed to give presentations that inform, inspire, and engage.

From mastering vocal delivery and caring for your voice, Shelley’s presentation coaching will help you command the stage with confidence, charisma and 'presence'.

Many facilitators, teachers, and executives feel stressed or anxious in their daily lives, but especially before presenting to students, prospective clients, or other sophisticated and curious audiences.


With Vocal Dynamo’s unique B.E.T.S. technique, you will feel energized, empowered, and calm before and after you dazzle them with your brilliance!.


Shelley’s training teaches you how to relax quickly and easily, through proper breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as how to structure your presentations, use body language and your voice!

This unique opportunity is for individuals or teams to learn how to relax and sound stronger, to be a better presenter(s) and feel great before, during and after!

Offered 1-on-1 as individual coaching or in group classes of up to 6+ students. Contact Shelley for more details or book your free 30-minute consultation.

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